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Sunday, June 1, 2014


Its true... I can be a flake.  I say that about myself in the most loving and truthful way.  Some people excuse it by saying it is my artistic side, but I'm going to own it and say it just shows a lack commitment and integrity of my word.  I have been awesomely confronted this past month with my lack of commitment to what I say I am committed to.  It has been a great journey through my soul to re-examine my commitments and re-align with my highest self.  By putting my commitments in writing, I have gotten clarity and brought intentionality into the way I choose to live my life.  I can always come back to them for reference when wondering what my next step is or to center myself again.  These commitments fall under a very large umbrella that allows me the freedom to dream BIG.... REALLY BIG.  And that is really exciting.  So exciting that I can say I am lit up about life.  I'd like to share my top 3 commitments, because it is fun...and it will inspire me to keep living into them.  If you see anything that you like, steal them for your own list of commitments.  I would be honored... by the way, I stole a few parts from a very dear friend that likes to dream really big too, I think this just reaffirms that it is a really juicy and powerful commitment.
  1. Through God's will and purpose for my life being used for the highest good, I am committed to living full out and creating a life I love.  A life that is fulfilling, alive, lights me up and inspires those around me to do the same.  To balance mind, body and soul. To stand in love and alignment for myself, trusting and keeping an open heart, being generous, vulnerable, fully self expressed and being loving with myself.
  2. I am committed to my family, friends and all others having the life they love, so that they too are lit up and inspired by what they create and continue to create for their lives.  I am committed to standing in contribution and generosity for others, being love and a clearing for them to live into the possibilities they want to realize for their lives.
  3.  I am committed to having my artwork and projects inspire others in my possibilities like, but not limited to, love, aliveness, peace, openness, freedom, responsibility and care of all life on earth.  Through this experience my sales support me with financial abundance beyond what is even imaginable and I am able to spread the wealth into the world to cause transformation.   
In this self explorative exercise, I also wrote down how these commitments would look in real life to be realized.  Giving real actions to be taken to make these not just a list on paper, but bring them into reality.  This step is very important because it crystalized the actions I need to take and ways of being I need to be in order have the results these commitments will produce. Then I posted them in a few different places to keep me aware and in tune to their reality in my world.

My studio inspiration wall with lots of reminders.

FYI:  I am recommitting to my keeping my blog current and active - a place to share possibilities, creativity and inspiration.