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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hand Embellished Prints with great Quality

Getting ready to hand embellish giclee canvas prints for a client.

My canvas giclee prints are in limited editions, they are printed with 100+ years archival ink and laminated with a UV protective finish in gloss or matte.   I do hand embellish a small number of prints in each edition, which are labeled as artist proofs.  Prints come with a certificate of authenticity and all are signed by yours truly.

When embellished with paint, the print really has an extra punch of texture and color, making it look more like an original piece of art.  As in the case of the above embellished prints, they are all being tweaked to meet the color palette the client wants...bringing down the pinks and reds and adding more rust and peach tones.

Many artists these days are making prints of their work, it has truly leveled the playing field for people being able to have affordable art.  I love the idea of art being available for everyone to enjoy.  Although I have been approached by several licensing companies over the last couple of years to produce my work on a mass scale for retail chain stores in open editions,  I have decided not to go this route.  I find it resonates with me to keep my images special to the people that really want them by limiting the quantity to a small number.  The pricing of my prints reflects their originality and limited quantity.   If the giclee print is embellished by me, although still a print, it is a one of a kind piece of art that will look like no other.